Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Floating Your Cares Away~

Goodness! I've been away for a long time! I just wanted to pop in and say "hello"~I hope you've all been enjoying these wonderful warm summer days as I have! It's been nice to take a break from the compooter for a bit and do other things! We've had what I would describe as "early autumn-like weather" in our neck of the woods for the past week. I'm loving it! As always, even tho we are "empty nesters", I'm still a little sad for the kids going back to school..the buses are going by in the wee hours again..summer is nearly over!  My how time marches on!  Well, I hope you've floated your cares away this summer..I look forward to visiting your blogs again soon and catching up on what's going on in each of your worlds!(:  Warm summer hugs~Kathy