Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On this last day of June~

Well, it is finally quiet here again...almost too quiet. The kids have gone home and I must admit I was ready for some quiet, but well...now I miss the "loudness" of a "full" house. It was so nice having everyone home together, sharing meals together and the evenings spent sitting on the porch talking and laughing. It goes bye so quickly doesn't it?! It was especially fun having the grandchildren here....Adalie just turned three...she is such a funny little thing. I cannot describe the emotion you feel when they are finally old enough to express their own excitement of seeing you (the grannie)...she ran to me with her arms wide open and exclaimed "Grannie"!!....well, it was...wonderful!!! The hug was wonderful too! (: And then, our little Braden (Brady Boo) is almost 9 months and is teething...oh my! I felt so bad for him, he just did not feel good. But, when he did, he was a little charmer! Such fun we had! ~ It's hard to believe that this is the last day of June isn't it? I've visited a few favorite blogs and found several already harvesting vegetables from their gardens. I love this time of year for a number of reasons...I always LOVED having the kids home for the summer....we always had a garden, and I always put up green beans (half runners), corn, and bread & butter pickles (yummm). And, then of course it meant that my favorite time of the year was almost upon us.....FALL....my favorite season! Just thinking about it now makes me happy! (: ~ Well, I must close this post and get busy...lots to do this week before our holiday weekend gets here!
Just a few pictures of the grandkids to share! ~Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping in! Until next time, a kindred spirit~Kathy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dreaming of the Beach~

Doesn't the beach sound wonderful? Just soaking up the sun lying there on your beach blanket (while keeping a watchful eye out for those pesky and somewhat scarey crabs with their little scarey antenna like things) listening to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing in....the smell of coconut tanning oil...Well, I found an old birthday card my friend Jenni sent me that I thought I'd share with you all....it will definitely make you smile! So even if we can't spend the day at the beach, I can share a smile with you! (:

The inside of the card says:

~As they woke up on the beach the morning after the birthday celebration, wondering what they had done the night before, they took comfort in the fact that they still had their hats on.~

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Until next time, a kindred spirit~Kathy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Lovely Surprise~

Hello again~and thank you for stopping by my blog! Although I haven't been "blogging" for very long yet, I sure have met some really wonderful new friends who are incredibly talented and living very creative and interesting lives! I love reading your blogs, it's a bit addictive to say the least. I finally figured out how to add my "favorite blogs" list, so you can see the wonderful blogs that I follow...one of them is Alice from A Day in the Life~~(now, remember I'm still new, so I don't know how to link her here yet) (: But, you can find her to the right and visit her if you'd like. She is a rug hooker and we've actually met in person at one of her shows in Columbus ...although I hadn't found her blog yet...she makes beautiful rugs and dyes her own wool (love that!) She also has a such beautiful home with beautiful gardens too. She has such a fun life.... I know when I visit her blog I'm going to smile... Well, I just had to share this with you...I dropped by her blog the other day just like I have many times before and to my surprise there was my name...and I had won a secret giveaway!!! Just by leaving a comment on her blog! (love that!) She sent me a pretty linen towel that can be stitched (she knew that I enjoy stitching~ so thoughtful!) a little red hooked heart and a candle that smells just wonderful! Thank you my friend, a lovely gift and a lovely idea too! ~Have a great day everyone! Until next time, a kindred spirit~Kathy

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Buggie~

Today is our grand-daughter's birthday~her third! She is actually with her Virginia grannie this week and then she will be visiting with us in just a couple of weeks and we will celebrate again! My daughter and son-in-law live just outside Atlanta and we live in Ohio, Kevin's family is in Virginia, so we share. I've never really enjoyed sharing, but it's something we must do! (:
It is hard though, we only have the two grandchildren so the time we spend with them is extra special. They grow up so fast! And, have you all noticed just how unbelieveably Smart grand children are?!!! Not too long ago, I asked Adalie how her little friend Raegen liked her new baby sister, (born just about the same time Adalie's little brother was) she replied "I think she likes her, but my baby brother can talk"! To which my daughter exclaimed "Adalie! Braden cannot talk" to which Adalie replied "He says GOO"!!! ( : We do get to talk on the phone quite a bit, and if I can't answer right away she will leave a message "Grannie...Call me back"! with that southern twang she has picked up living in Georgia! Her Aunt Joy keeps reminding her that she's really a "Northerner" and correcting her pronunciation (Aunt Joy is an English major) but she definitely sounds "southern" to me! (: Well enough of this "grannie talk"...the pictures of Adalie are actually last's years birthday pictures which will have to do until our next visit! Have a wonderful weekend~It's absolutely beautiful here! Until next time, a kindred spirit~Kathy